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    Q:Can i turn off the microphone?
    A:You can turn off the microphone in the settings .

    Q:The screen prompts"Please insert TF card",but i have inserted the card,what should i do?
    A:You need to check whether theTF card is corrupted and formated,or change to a new class 10 TF card with capacity less than 32GB or 64GB or 128GB 

    Q:Can i view the videos on the dash camera?
    A:You can view the recording in playback mode.If it is locked video,there will be a "lock" sign on the video

    Q:Does the dash cam always need power to keep recording?
    A:It needs to be powered all the time if use it for a long time .The battery that comes with the machine is mainly used in parking mode

    Q:TF card was full,the camera stopped recording,what should i do ?
    A:1.Please check if the loop recording function is on.
        2.Please check if the TF card is class 10,and the capacity is not more than 32GB or 64GB or 128GB 
        3.Adjust the G-sensor to the low sensitivity .

    Q:Will the dash cam continue working after the car is satlled?
    A:If the cigarette lighter of your car is a "constant power supply"type,then the car will continue to work after your car is stalled.It is recommended to press the power button to turn off the cam when engine is stalled.



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